As we live our different lives, we create identities influenced by our upbringing. They make us who we are. 
Strong people. 
Weak people. 
Fickle people. 
Beautiful people.
It makes us different people.
However different we become, we carry our identities with both pride and shame as we remind ourselves of the past, looking towards the future. We are who we are.

When you move from one place to another, whether voluntarily or forced to do so, you leave a piece of yourself. You lose something that contributed to defining your identity. You lose yourself. You become broken. 

Though we are not always able to mend ourselves, we have to try. Try, because we need to give the next person a chance to help us. 

BUT.... It's not just about us as Zimbabweans, it's about us as an African community. Just as we have national decisions to win, we need to remember there are others in our care...